Food Establishment Licensing Guide: Determine which agency to contact

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Michigan Department of Agriculture & Rural Development

Contact the Michigan Department of Agriculture & Rural Development if you primarily sell, store, or manufacture food. Examples of such establishments include:

  • Retail grocery store, convenience store, party store

  • Bakery, fish market, butcher shop, candy store, produce market

  • Food warehouse, distribution center, transfer station, public cold storage facility

  • Dairy processing / manufacturing

    • bottled milk

    • cheese

    • butter

    • yogurt

  • Large or small food processing plant including:
    • Ice, water, juice or soft drink plant

    • Winery, brewery, or distillery

    • Egg grading & packing plant

    • Fruit & vegetable repacking operation, or brining station

    • Flour mill or cereal plant

    • Cider mill, maple syrup or honey house

    • Food salvage or reclamation center

  • State or county fair concession

Local Health Department

Contact your Local Health Department if you primarily serve food that can be immediately consumed, or operate a:

  • Restaurant, cafeteria, grill, cafe, delicatessen

  • Bar, brewpub, tavern, or nightclub

  • Rental hall, theater, commissary, catering kitchen

  • Donut shop, lunch counter, sandwich shop, soda fountain, coffee shop

  • Catering truck

  • Temporary food service stand at a festival, event, or flea market

  • Vending machine

  • Special transitory food unit