Food Establishment Licensing Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Determine which agency licenses the food establishment. If the food establishment in question falls directly under Michigan Department of Agriculture & Rural Development (MDARD) jurisdiction, continue  with the rest of these steps.
  2. Before construction on the food establishment begins (when applicable) make sure to check local zoning ordinances to ensure local regulations allow for such an establishment.
  3. Acquaint yourself with the 

In addition, one or more of the following regulations may be applicable to your specific establishment plan:

  1. Contact MDARD to set up a free plan review by mail or phone as shown below.
  2. Go to the Plan Review Resources webpage. Fill out a Plan Review Worksheet and Plan Review Application. Be sure to review the plan submission instructions and manual.
  3. Once plans have been reviewed and approved, and construction is complete, contact MDARD by mail or phone as shown below, to set up a final inspection. At this point you should also fill out the Food Establishment Licensing Application.

For questions or further information mail or phone:

Michigan Department of Agriculture & Rural Development
Food and Dairy Division
PO Box 30017
Lansing, MI 48909