Mobile Home Check List for Migrant Labor Housing

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  1. The roof must be free from leaks and must be structurally sound.

  2. The doors must open and close easily.  All doors must fit tightly.

  3. Windows must open and close easily and fit tightly when closed.  Windows must be screened.  Window cranks must be provided and the cranking mechanisms must work properly.

  4. The door hardware must be functional.  The locks must properly engage and allow the door to open and close easily.

  5. A screen door, or a door with a window and screen combination, must be provided at one entrance.

  6. Steps must be provided at each of the outside doors, unless the doorway threshold will be within 12 inches of the ground at the main door and within 16 inches of the ground at the other doors.  Steps, landings, and handrails are required at the main entrance of each living unit where the door threshold is greater than 16 inches above the ground.  A single step or landing should be provided where the main entrance threshold is between 12-16 inches above the ground.  The landing must be at least 36 inches in depth and 36 inches in width at the top of the steps at the main door.  We suggest 4 feet wide steps and landings

  7. The ceiling height must be at least seven feet from the floor.

  8. The floors must be structurally sound; no soft spots, holes, signs of deterioration.  Floor covering must be smooth and cleanable.

  9. The ceiling must be structurally sound; no signs of deterioration or sagging.  The walls must be structurally sound and free from holes.  Particular attention should be given to the area near the floor and wall juncture and where doors and windows attach to the walls for signs of deterioration.

  10. Mobile homes must be set up so they are level, otherwise doors and windows won't function properly and plumbing will leak.  Mobile homes must rest on a firm foundation, such as concrete pillars below the frost line, a concrete pad, or concrete ribbons.  The unit must be properly anchored.

  11. The furnace must be functional, if the unit will be occupied prior to June 1 or after September 1.  The furnace must be properly vented, and the vent structurally sound and not badly rusted.  A weather cap must be provided for the furnace vent.  The furnace must be inspected and be certified as being safe and adequate by a mechanical inspector or heating contractor.

  12. If a kitchen range hood fan is provided, the fan opening to the outside must be properly covered so rain, snow, and wind cannot enter the unit.

  13. The tub/shower enclosure must be in good condition if it is intended to be used.

  14. There must be a two-compartment kitchen sink with hot and cold water connected to a proper drain.  All plumbing fixtures must be in good condition.

  15. Proper provisions must be provided for the hook-up of water lines and sewer drains.  Sewage must drain into an approved septic tank and tile field.

  16. There must be an approved water supply provided.  No frost-free hydrants with open weep holes are allowed on the water system.

  17. All electrical wires, duplex wall outlets and switches must be properly installed.

  18. There must be at least two wall-mounted duplex electrical outlets per room with one duplex outlet per 12 lineal feet of wall in all living and sleeping rooms.  A ground fault circuit interrupter protected electrical outlet must be provided in the bathroom and laundry area.

  19. There must be an operable outside light fixture on the unit or a yard light in the camp area.

  20. The electrical service to the mobile home must be installed according to the National Electrical Code.  The electrical service within the unit must be installed in a safe manner and must be approved by the local electrical inspector or be certified as being safe by a licensed electrical contractor.

  21. The maximum capacity of the unit can be determined by dividing the square feet by 100 (100 square feet per person).

  22. Each bedroom must have two remotely separated exits.  One of the exits may be a readily accessible window with a minimum net clear opening of 5 square feet.  The minimum net clear opening height dimension shall be 24 inches.  The minimum net clear opening width dimension shall be 20 inches.  The sill height shall not be more than 44 inches above the floor.

  23. There must be a proper pressure temperature relief valve on the water heater with a discharge pipe terminating within 4 inches of the floor.

  24. There must be at least 2 lineal feet per person of clothing storage rod.  Shelving or drawers equal to 2 square feet per person must also be provided.

  25. A working smoke alarm with a test button must be provided.

  26. A 2A-10BC or larger rated fire extinguisher must be provided within 100 feet of the unit or in the unit.