Michigan's Food & Agriculture Border Gateway Summit

The Southeast Michigan / Canadian border area is an important economic center and a hub for movement of people, food and agricultural products, and other critical infrastructure activities. At the seminar, attendees received updates on current initiatives including threats to the sector, regulatory changes in both the U.S. and Canada, traceability, food safety, animal health, transportation, and issues involving importing and exporting food and agricultural products.

The Michigan Food & Agriculture Border Gateway Summit V was held on November 13, 2019 at the VistaTech Center in Livonia Michigan. We had over 115 people register, of those 80 were able to attend. The feedback from the seminar was very positive. Overall, attendees enjoyed the interesting topics, the diverse speakers, and the ability to network with various government officials. 

Michigan Food & Agriculture Border Gateway Summit 2019 Agenda

Michigan Food & Agriculture Border Gateway Summit 2019 Feedback Results

The Food and Agriculture Border Gateway Summit is held every few years to focus on the unique issues that come with moving food and agricultural products in both directions across the border. It is part of our longstanding public-private partnership, the Food and Agriculture Protection and Defense Working Group. Click here to sign up for notifications about these kinds of issues.