File a Complaint with the Michigan Department of Agriculture & Rural Development

Report an Executive Order Violation

State of Michigan Residents –

The Department of Agriculture & Rural Development has developed a process to report executive order violations that fall under MDARD’s regulatory responsibility. 

This process serves two key purposes to help respond to the COVID-19 pandemic:

  1. Document the date and time of each complaint.
  2. Expedite the assignment of the complaint to the proper MDARD program.

*Please note that some complaints may not fall under MDARD’s regulatory authority, but those complaints will be forwarded to the correct agency.

To report an executive order violation, please fill out the MDARD Executive Order Violation Complaint Intake Form.

All Non-COVID-19 Complaints

Use this form to let MDARD know of a problem that you feel needs investigation. Based on the nature and details of your complaint, MDARD will either respond to or refer your complaint to the appropriate agency.

Your complaint information is very important for appropriate follow-up, including enforcement. Please be as detailed as possible about the nature of your complaint.

Your contact information is necessary for us to conduct a complete investigation. If you wish to remain anonymous, please do not submit any contact information. Please Note: Right to Farm complaints CANNOT be anonymous. You must however, provide sufficient complaint detail for us to follow up on. Failure to do so will impact our ability to respond.

You may file an Anonymous Pesticide Complaint here.

Do NOT use this form if you have a complaint about gasoline prices. If you have information regarding potential unfair gasoline pricing practices, you may file a gasoline price gouging complaint online or call the Office of Attorney General at 877-765-8388.

If you have an animal welfare complaint involving a pet store or livestock animals, you are advised to contact the local police or animal control where the facility is located. They may be able to investigate. For a list of animal control agencies in Michigan, please see:

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