• Agriculture Development Division

    The Agriculture Development Division, through innovative partnerships, delivers expertise and leadership to ensure the success of Michigan's food and agriculture economy.

  • Animal Industry Division

    The Animal Industry Division protects the health of the general public, domestic animals, livestock and pets.

  • Environmental Stewardship Division

    The Environmental Stewardship Division provides assistance to soil and water conservation districts, drain commissioners and land users in the conservation and development of our soil and water resources.

  • Executive Office

    The Executive Office is the administrative direction and policy office for the department.

  • Food and Dairy Division

    The Food and Dairy Division protects public health by ensuring a safe and wholesome food supply.

  • Laboratory Division

    The Laboratory Division, composed of the Geagley Laboratory in East Lansing and the E.C. Heffron Metrology Laboratory in Williamston, provides testing and analytical services to ensure the health, safety and economic well-being of the residents and environment of Michigan.

  • Pesticide and Plant Pest Management Division

    The Pesticide and Plant Pest Management Division is responsible for the implementation of programs and enforcement of laws concerning agricultural products, export commodities, pesticide sale and use, pest management and groundwater protection.