Interdepartmental Collaboration Committee (ICC) Food Policy Subcommittee

What is a Food Policy Council?

Food policy councils, often established by state or local governments, bring together a broad array of food-related public and private stakeholders to investigate every stage of the food process from seed to table. Consumers, producers, and public officials are becoming more aware of the economic and health impacts of supporting fresh and local foods resulting in greater attention to many food-related issues. Food policy councils are tapping into this increasing interest to explore policy options that improve the food system.

Food Policy Committee Focus Areas (high to low priority effective 6/22/14)
Note * denotes 2013 Michigan Food Policy Council recommendation to the Governor.
(Numbers in below section correlate to the numbers in the Current Activities 11/10/14 update section)

1. *The Michigan Good Food Fund (MGFF), formerly known as the Healthy Food Financing Initiative (HFFI) and related VOICE effort.
2. *Help small scale farms achieve food safety certification to increase sales to retail food industry, institutional buyers and customers.
3. *Build capacity of Michigan's farmers market sector to increase access to healthy foods.
4. Expansion of Double Up Food Bucks through the Farm Bill.
5. SNAP implementation/WIC access (increase inventory requirements and zip code limitations)
6. Local food council updates.
7. Small meat processor growth.
8. SNAP access barriers.

Current Activities, Updated January 2018

  1. Priority List Updates Barriers of SNAP use at Farmers Market- Sydney and Amanda from MIFMA provided an update
  2. Michigan Good Food Fund (MGFF)
  3. WIC Access
  4. Small and Mid-Size Farm Food Safety Certification
  5. Mi Local Food Policy Councils – Good Food Charter
  6. Small Meat Processor Growth
  7. Double-Up Food Bucks Expansion through Farm Bill
  8. Small Meat Processor Growth
  9. Urban Ag

Who makes up the ICC?

ICC Food Policy subcommittee members:

  • Michigan Department of Education – Diane Golzynski
  • Michigan Department of Human Services – Dawn Sweeney 
  • Michigan Department of Community Health – Gwen Imes
  • Association of Food & Petroleum Dealers – Auday Arabo
  • MSU Center for Regional Food Systems – Rich Pirog
  • Michigan Food Bank Council - Dr. Phillip Knight
  • Good Food Charter Steering Committee – Kathryn Colasanti
  • Michigan Food & Farming Systems – Michelle Napier-Dunnings
  • Michigan Department of Agriculture & Rural Development - Lori Yelton
  • Michigan Department of Agriculture & Rural Development - TBD
  • Michigan Health Endowment Fund - Laurie Solotorow

Upcoming Meetings:

2018 Meeting Dates: 

*All meeting times and locations are as follows, unless otherwise noted*

9:30am - 11:30am

Constitution Hall

6th Floor - North Tower

Richard VanDeusen Conference Room

525 W Allegan St

Lansing. MI 48933


Previous Meeting Minutes:

The Public is welcome to attend in person or call in; Please contact Lori Yelton at if you are planning to attend since seating is limited.

Call in option: 877-873-8018, Pin: 3298940



The Agriculture Committee released the Chairman’s markup of the U.S. Farm Bill last week.  The committee is taking up the draft today, Wednesday, April 18th.  Here are some links to help Michigan Local Food Councils get up to speed:

Links from the U.S. House Agriculture Committee

Links from National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition Farm Bill Analysis:

Links about SNAP from Anti-Hunger and Anti-Poverty Organizations:

Farm Bill Event in Washington, DC on May 8 & 9

If you or someone in your local food council is interested, Food Policy Action is organizing an event in Washington, DC to learn more about and advocate on the Farm Bill on May 8 & 9.  Limited scholarships are available.  Contact Karen Spangler at for more information. 


For Questions, Michigan Food Policy Contact: