Strategic Watershed Action Teams (SWAT)

The Strategic Watershed Action Teams (SWAT) Program provides technical assistance to Michigan landowners in watersheds identified as a priority through the GLRI. Participating landowners receive financial assistance for the implementation of conservation practices identified as part of the initiative. The program funds seven soil conservationists through local conservation districts located throughout the state through an agreement with NRCS. The Fresh Water/Groundwater restricted fund provides the balance for these positions. These technicians work under the direction of the NRCS district conservationist on Farm Bill practices. In addition, a portion of the Soil Cons time is dedicated to direct MAEAP assistance such as providing Risk Assessments to farmers. In FY13 the staff conducted 65 MAEAP risk assessments and completed 195 conservation practices valued at $1,594,726. The technical and financial assistance provided through this program protects the water quality and restores the wildlife habitat in the Great Lakes Watershed.