Farmers: Crop Disaster Resources

Farmers: 2019 Crop Disaster Online Resources

The historic rainfall events coupled with the severe cold and snow in 2019 have had devastating impacts on Michigan’s farming and agricultural communities. Wet conditions are preventing farmers from getting into the fields and from planting for the growing season. In parts of the state, farmers are now so many weeks behind schedule that they are nearly out of time and options for this year.

As part of the commitment to our farmers who feed our families, the State of Michigan is partnering with the United States Department of Agriculture as well as Michigan State University Extension to make as many resources available to farmers as possible.  A quick list of possible resources is available below. This list isn’t comprehensive and will be updated as more information and resources are identified.

MDARD is encouraging farmers to reach out to their area USDA and Michigan State University Extension experts for guidance during this difficult time.

State of Michigan Resources

Governor Whitmer letter to USDA for Assistance to Michigan Farmers

Michigan State University Extension Resources

Delayed Planting Resources

Agriculture Expert Locator

Managing Farm Stress Resource Center

Corn and Soybeans as Cover Crops Following Prevented Planting

USDA / Federal Resources

NEW! FSA Extends Reporting Deadline for Spring Seeded Crops

Programs available from USDA

Nearest USDA offices

RMA Prevented Planting Cover Crop Relief New Release

RMA Prevented Planting Cover Crop Relief FAQ’s (Frequently Updated)

RMA Prevented Planting Cover Crop Relief Bulletin

USDA Offers Assistance for Un-Planted Michigan Fields