I Think I Have EAB

  1. I think I have EAB. To whom do I report it?
  1. If you live in the Upper Peninsula, please report any suspect ash trees to the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development by calling their customer service center toll-free at: 1-800-292-3939.

    If you live in the Lower Peninsula, you do not need to report EAB, however, if you think you have EAB and want further confirmation, please contact a qualified arborist for a consultation.

  1. If I have EAB, will the State of Michigan pay to have my tree removed?
  1. No. Michigan's EAB Program focuses on survey, communication and outreach, containment and regulatory enforcement.

  1. If I remove my ash tree, how can I legally dispose of my tree?
  1. The MDARD has a published list of disposal sites that will accept ash material at a minimal fee (click here for list), however you are not required to take your ash tree here. You can also burn or chip your ash tree on your property (be sure to check local and state regulations on burning in your community), or your can hire an arborist company to remove and dispose of the tree for you (click here for tips). The wood can be transported within the quarantined area it originates from, however, removing it from the quarantined area is prohibited. (click for map),

  1. Can I treat my ash tree?
  1. There are several products available to treat for the emerald ash borer for both homeowners and commercial applicators, however research on longevity and effectiveness is still ongoing. In most cases, annual treatments are required and can be costly. Also be sure to follow the pesticide labels and if you hire a commercial firm, be sure they are licensed and certified. Call MDARD for more information on properly applying pesticides. Click here for current research on EAB treatments.

  1. If I decide to treat my tree each year, how long will I have to treat it for?
  1. Emerald ash borer is well established in Southeast Michigan and in several outlying areas within the Lower Peninsula. If you chose to treat your tree, treatments would be recommended for as long as you would like to maintain the tree, or until the tree began to show signs of infestation that it could not sustain.

  1. Is just ash firewood quarantined?
  1. No. All hardwood firewood is quarantined and prohibited from leaving the quarantined area as well as from leaving the state. Please buy firewood locally when you reach your traveling destination.

  1. Can I apply for a permit to move my firewood?
  1. Firewood can only be moved once it is deregulated, or no longer a threat to spread EAB. MDARD is working with firewood vendors to be able to deregulate firewood through various methods including kiln drying.