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Approved Salmonella Pullorum-Typhoid Testers List - Current Through March 31, 2022

Note: The temporary policies that exempted pullorum testing at Michigan fairs and exhibitions and allowed for the use of expired pullorum antigen are no longer in effect. For 2021, pullorum testing is required at exhibitions, and the use of expired antigen is no longer allowed.

If you are a Certified Pullorum Tester and need to order Avian Test Forms (AI-013) for pullorum testing, please email your request to

Once forms are completed, mail the white copy to:

Dr. Steve Hussey
Michigan Dept. of Agriculture and Rural Development
525 W. Allegan Street
PO Box 30017
Lansing, MI 48909

2021 Fairs and Exhibitions Requirements

List of Reportable Diseases

2021 Requirements Presentation for the Michigan Association of Fairs & Exhibitions Convention

2021 Biosecurity Presentation for the Michigan Association of Fairs and Exhibitions Convention

2021 Pre-Fair Webinar: Keeping Animals and People Healthy at Fairs and Exhibitions


Animal Exhibit Hand Washing Sign                                   CDC Wash Your Hands Sign

Beef Cattle Exhibit Hand Washing Sign                            Exhibitor Biosecurity Sign

Chicken Exhibit Hand Washing Sign                                 No Food or Drink in Barns Sign

Dairy Cattle Exhibit Hand Washing Sign                           Poultry Biosecurity Sign

Dog Exhibit Hand Washing Sign                                       Signs of Illness Barn Posters

Duck Exhibit Hand Washing Sign                                     Stop Wash Your Hands Sign

Goat Exhibit Hand Washing Sign

Horse Exhibit Hand Washing Sign

Llama Exhibit Hand Washing Sign

Rabbit Exhibit Hand Washing Sign

Sheep Exhibit Hand Washing Sign

Swine Exhibit Hand Washing Sign

Turkey Exhibit Hand Washing Sign



Animal Check-in

Record Keeping Basics

Animal Diseases

Veterinary Feed Directive Youth Brochure

Bovine TB Movement Requirements

Goat and Sheep Identification

Swine ID for Exhibitions


Cleaning and Disinfection: Pig Barns at County Fairs

Disinfecting Best Practices

Equine Biosecurity (for exhibitors)

Equine Biosecurity (for event and show managers)

Equine Testing Requirements