USDA accredited veterinarians are vital to protecting, regulating and promoting animal health, as well as public health.

To become a USDA accredited veterinarian in Michigan, you must follow these three steps:

  1. Become licensed to practice veterinary medicine in Michigan.

  2. Contact the USDA District Office in Michigan at 517-337-4700.

  3. Complete and submit VS Form 1-36A to USDA APHIS VS Michigan District Office.

    USDA accreditation must be renewed every three years.

Note:  Accreditation does not transfer between states.  You must become accredited in all states you plan on working.


In Michigan, only USDA accredited veterinarians can: 

  • Administer canine rabies vaccines or directly supervise licensed veterinary technicians administering canine rabies vaccines, for the purposes of dog licensing.

  • Issue certificates of veterinary inspection (i.e. health certificates).

  • Conduct bovine tuberculosis testing for cattle and deer.

  • Perform equine infectious anemia testing in horses.