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Pesticide and Plant Pest Management Division (PPPMD)

The Pesticide and Plant Pest Management Division (PPPMD) is responsible for the implementation of programs and enforcement of laws concerning agricultural products, export commodities, pesticide sale and use, pest management and groundwater protection.

Director: Michael Philip

Pesticide and Plant Pest Management Programs

Agriculture Products Verification - PPPM staff monitors the quality of commercial grain elevators, feed mills, commercial animal feed for livestock and pets, fertilizer and lime, animal remedy products and storage facilities for agrichemicals.

Exotic Pest Control - MDARD oversees programs to monitor and control the spread of exotic pests including the Japanese beetle, pine shoot beetle, and Asian longhorned beetle.

Food Quality Protection Act (FQPA) - Federal and state resources support an on-going public/private partnership, designed to collect pesticide use and resulting residue data, and explore alternative pest management and residue reduction practices.

Fruit and Vegetable Inspection - PPPM provides third-party inspection services to verify fruit and vegetable grading under government standards and processor specifications.  Staff also inspect and license controlled atmosphere storage rooms.

Insect and Rodent Control Program - The PPPM Division provides oversight and support to local units of government that conduct eastern equine encephalitis, lyme disease, rodent control, swimmers' itch and mosquito control programs.

Nursery/Plant Certification - Over 2,000 growers and 5,200 dealers are certified and licensed by MDARD to conduct business in the nursery trade.  This ensures pest-free stock for consumers, and assures market access for growers.  Inspection includes Michigan-grown and imported plant materials.

Pesticide Regulation - PPPM is responsible for overseeing the appropriate  use of pesticides in Michigan including enforcement, certification, registration and worker protection standards.

For more information please contact 1-800-292-3939.


Pesticide and Plant Pest Management Applicable Public Acts by Act Number

Pesticide and Plant Pest Management Applicable Public Acts by Program

Pesticide and Plant Pest Management Division Regulations