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VIDEO RELEASE: MDARD Showcases State's Consumer Protection Efforts at Williamston Gas Station

WILLIAMSTON, MI – Yesterday, Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (MDARD) Director Gary McDowell showcased the state’s consumer protection efforts, and the critical role MDARD plays in ensuring Michigan motorists and truckers are getting both the quality and quantity of fuel they’re paying for at the pump.

“As consumers continue to feel the pinch of skyrocketing fuel prices, I want them to know MDARD inspectors play a critical role in protecting motorists, truckers and their wallets at the gas pump,” said McDowell. “Our job will be to continue to ensure Michiganders can fill up with confidence knowing they’re getting every dollar worth.”

While most gas station operators are delivering the proper quality and quantity of fuel, motorists can help increase their protection by making sure the price display on the pump is set to zero before the pump starts and verifying the sign on the roadway matches the price on the pump before fueling.  In addition, consumers should always request a receipt as a record of their purchase.

“Michigan boasts a nearly 95 percent compliance rate on fuel pumps,” added McDowell. “The five percent non-compliance can be attributed to a variety of issues including display malfunction, or even providing too much fuel.  Less than one percent of devices fail for delivering too little fuel. MDARD works with our station owners and operators to help them get back into compliance.”

VIDEO FOR PUBLIC USE: MDARD at Gas Inspection - YouTube