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David Producer, Security and Ag Products Auditor, MDARD Ag Development Division

David is an auditor with the Producer Securities Program in MDARD’s Agriculture Development Division. He specializes in conducting working capital audits and has 20 years of experience working with grain merchandisers in Michigan.

The Producer Securities Program regulates the storage, warehousing, and sale of farm produce in Michigan through regulatory enforcement of the Michigan Grain Dealers Act by ensuring compliance of licensees through regular monitoring. David protects Michigan farmers by conducting physical and financial audits of licensed grain elevators to make sure they are financially stable and able to pay farmers for the grain products they deliver to the elevators. Michigan has over 200 licensed elevators, and David and his fellow auditors strive to visit each elevator every 12 to 18 months.

The physical audit done by the Producer Securities team is the measuring of grain located at the facility. This is done by climbing the grain silos and measuring the airspace. Airspace equals top of silo to the grain located in the tank. The team’s motto: “Grain in the Tank or Money in the Bank!”

David’s job is key to protecting Michigan farmers. If a grain elevator fails, meaning they are unable to pay their farmers, the Producer Securities Program makes sure the farmers get at least 90 percent of what is owed to them.

For David, the best part of his job is going somewhere different every day and meeting with different people. He loves his job because he makes a difference and gets to do it with a fantastic team. When you like the people you work with and the job you are doing, it makes life very good.

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