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Ken, Digital Media Manager, MDARD Office of Communications

The Office of Communications, within MDARD's Executive Office, provides strategic internal and external communications counsel and support for the department's divisions and program areas; responds to media requests for information; supports communication efforts during emergency responses; and promotes Michigan's food and agriculture businesses through social media channels, podcasts, and special events and activities; develops and supports internal communications and website content review.

As MDARD's Digital Media Manager, Ken directs, films, and edits videos produced for the department. He also hosts and edits a weekly podcast, Fresh from the Field. Ken works closely with department staff and food and agriculture businesses to help tell their stories. He enjoys interviewing people who represent MDARD program areas and the state's diverse food and agricultural industries.

There's a saying, "If it's not documented, it never happened." Ken looks at his role at MDARD as a sort of new-aged scribe, documenting and telling the stories centered around Michigan food and agriculture. He sees his job as vital because there are so many amazing people doing important work to keep the public safe, well fed, and healthy. Ken had no idea how much work takes place in the background until he started working with MDARD and thinks it's important to share these stories with the public.

Ken's favorite part of his job is having the opportunity to meet so many great people and learn about the various aspects of Michigan agriculture through the telling of all these amazing stories. He also enjoys being a part of the department's communications team and says the food the staff enjoys sharing, including recipes using Michigan products, isn't bad either.

Who We Are Employee Feature - Kenneth, Digital Media Manager