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Sean, Weights and Measures Inspector

MDARD's Laboratory Division houses the Motor Fuels Quality Program and the Weights and Measures Program. The Motor Fuels Quality Program, through licensing, investigation, inspection, and sampling, makes sure you get both the quality and quantity of the fuel you pay for at the pump. The Weights and Measures Program helps prevent economic fraud by testing all weighing and measuring devices to assure they are accurate, protecting consumer pocketbooks in the marketplace.

If you're in Southeast Michigan, you may see Sean, a Weights and Measures Inspector, at your local propane fill station when getting your gas grill cylinder or Recreational Vehicle refilled with propane, or at a gas station checking to make sure the fuel pumps are operating correctly. Sean's primary goal on the job is consumer protection. If you buy fuel for your vehicle, purchase items by weight using a scale, use propane to heat your home, or buy packaged goods like candy, pet food or even mulch for your garden, Sean and his fellow Weights and Measures inspectors ensure consumers are getting what they pay for.

Sean is responsible for testing and conducting inspections of commercial weighing and measuring devices, investigating consumer complaints, conducting audits of registered service companies, and conducting special investigations related to the enforcement of the Weights and Measures Act. He also checks gas pumps for credit card skimmers to make sure consumers don't have their credit cards compromised, makes sure labeling requirements for fuels are met, and inspects underground storage tanks for contaminants.

Who We Are Employee Feature - Sean, Weights and Measures Inspector, MDARD