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Stephen, Pesticide Inspector

MDARD's Pesticide and Plant Pest Management Division (PPPM) is responsible for the implementation of programs and enforcement of laws concerning agricultural products, export commodities, pesticide sale and use, pest management and groundwater protection. 

Stephen works as a pesticide inspector for PPPM, serving Eaton, Jackson, and Lenawee counties. As a pesticide inspector, Stephen conducts regulatory activities to determine, enforce, and promote compliance with state and federal laws for pesticide use, business licensing, applicator certification and registration, worker protection, record keeping, product registration, labeling and storage. 

Through his daily work, Stephen helps support Michigan's food and agriculture industry, while protecting public health and the environment, and promoting economic development activities in the state.

In addition to supporting the industry, Stephen enjoys the flexibility of his work schedule, and the teamwork and friendly working environment facilitated by his supervisor and co-workers.

Who We Are Employee Feature - Stephen, Pesticide Inspector