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Animal ID & Movement

Cow with RFID tags
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Animal ID & Movement

Animal ID

When purchasing official animal ID, you must have the premises identification number (PIN) where the animals are housed. To register your premises or to request your existing PIN, call MDARD's Atlanta Field Office at 888-565-8626.

What is a PIN?

840 Microchips for Alpacas and Other Camelids

Swine ID for Exhibition

Where to Buy 840 RFID Tags

Before purchasing official 840 RFID tags, please check with the seller to make sure the tags selected are approved for use in the intended animal species.

Please also note that matched 840 tags or other custom orders will result in longer delays due to their production complexity. In addition, producers using RFID with dairy herd management software should make certain to order half duplex (HDX) low frequency (LF) RFID tags and not full duplex (FDX) LF RFID tags or ultra-high frequency (UHF) RFID tags.

Finally, when applying tags to animals, be sure to use a tagger appropriate for the type of tag being used.

PDF Listing of Local Vendors in Michigan

Interactive Map of Local Vendors in Michigan

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