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Grant Program

The Department of Agriculture & Rural Development shall establish a grant program. The grant application will, at a minimum, require the following information:

    • A list of the parcels proposed for PDR.
    • The size and location of each parcel.
    • The amount of local matching funds (matching funds may be provided by the local government, a partial          donation of the development rights value from the land owner or other organizations or individuals).
    • The estimated acquisition value of the development rights.

The Agricultural Preservation Fund Board will establish selection criteria. The criteria will place a priority on farmland that has one or more of the following:

    • Farmland that has a productive capacity suited for the production of feed, food, and fiber.
    • Farmland that would complement and is part of a long-range plan for land preservation by the local unit of        government in which the farmland is located.
    • Farmland located in an area that would compliment other land protection efforts by creating a bloc of                protected farmland.
    • Farmland that has a greater portion or percentage of the agricultural easement value provided by the local        unit of government or sources other than the Fund.
    • Other factors considered important by the board.

The Agricultural Preservation Fund Board will review all applications and evaluate them according to the selection criteria established, which can be seen later. Once evaluated, the board shall determine what grants should be awarded and the amount of the grants. The board may establish a maximum amount per acre to be paid with money from the Fund.

    • A grant will require that the applicant or another person provide a portion of the cost of purchasing an                agricultural conservation easement.