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Specialized Processing

Pathlore Learning Management System

  • ORAU Pathlore Learning Management Job Aids
  • DHRD Learning Center Website (ORAU)
    • Click "Course catalog Search", then in the Course Identifier, search "FD312".  This will link you to the Special Process at Retail training.
  • FDA312 Courses:
    • FD8009W Fermentation of Food at Retail
    • FD8005W Curing, Smoking, Drying of Meat, Poultry and Fish and the Processing of Fermented Sausages
    • FD8004W Reduced Oxygen Packaging at Retail
    • FD8008W Juicing at Retail
    • FD8007W Shellfish Tanks at Retail
    • FD8006W Custom Processing of Meats at Retail