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Act 283 Amended Sec. 28f(1) Security Measures Final Revised 2-1-18

Effective February 18, 2018

Changes to the Weights and Measures Law

Regarding Fuel Pump Security Measures

Credit card skimming is a type of electronic fraud in which small devices, commonly known as skimmers, are used to steal consumer credit or debit card information. How does it work? When a card is swiped through a reader connected to a skimmer, like when you are paying at the pump, the device captures the information contained in the card's magnetic strip for thieves to use later.

Did you know that approximately 650,000 to 750,000 purchases of gasoline products alone are conducted with the use of credit or debit cards per day in Michigan? Since 2015, 84 skimmers have been found in Michigan preventing an estimated $6.3 million of electronic fraud. To protect consumers many station owners and operators are implementing measures such as alarms and unique locks to stop skimmers from being put inside the pump. Some stations are using tamper evident tape to let a consumer know if someone may have illegally accessed the pump.

As part of the ongoing commitment to protect consumers at the pump, Governor Rick Snyder signed into law an update to Public Act 283 of 1964, the Weights and Measures Act. Effective February 18, 2018, fuel pumps will be required to include additional security measures aimed at preventing fraud.

The new security measure requirement applies to all establishments dispensing motor fuel for commercial sale that allows the customer to purchase their fuel at the pump. Each device with a card reader shall include a security measure to restrict unauthorized access. The security measure shall include one or more of the following:

  • Security tape imprinted with a customized graphic (e.g. sequential serial numbers and/or a logo) unique to the corporation and placed over the panel locks leading to the reader electronics.
Security tape that is intactIntact tamper proof tape on a fueled pump Security tape that has been compromisedCompromised tamper proof tape on a fuel pump
  • A system rendering the device inoperable if the panel were opened without proper authorization.
  • Encrypting the card reader for authenticated chip-card transactions.
  • Replacement of a manufacturer-supplied standard lock.
  • Any other measure approved by the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development.

If an operator receives a notice of noncompliance, the firm will be issued orders to correct. If the violations are not corrected within five days after receipt of the notice, MDARD will prohibit the use of the pump until a properly functioning security measure has been installed and verified.

Questions? Contact MDARD’s Weights and Measures Program at 517-655-8202.