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Pesticide Notification Registry

Expires: Application must be submitted by February 1 of each year.

Fee: Free

Contact: Tammy


  1. Pesticide Notification Registry Letter
  2. Pesticide Notification Registry Application
  3. Physician's Certification
  4. Additional listing of properties form

Frequently Asked Questions

Who needs to be on the Pesticide Notification Registry?

Anyone who has been diagnosed by a physician with a medical condition that requires prior notification by a pesticide applicator who intends to offer a turf or ornamental pesticide application on an adjacent property to the applicant on the Pesticide Notification Registry.

What fees are required in order to be on the Pesticide Notification Registry?

There are no fees required for someone to apply to be on the Pesticide Notification Registry.

How do I apply to be on the Pesticide Notification Registry?

To request be added to the Pesticide Notification Registry, an applicant must submit the following forms:

  1. Pesticide Notification Registry Application
  2. Physician's Certification that indicates condition of illness and distance requirements for notification.
  3. Additional listing of properties form that identifies other properties within the distance of notification that are not adjacent properties.

If you have sent in a complete application package and it has been reviewed and approved, when can you be added to the Pesticide Notification Registry list?

The Pesticide Notification Registry is published annually. The last day to submit an application and supportive documentation for the registry is on or before February 1 of the next year.

If the Pesticide Notification Registry has already been published for a given year, does this mean that I cannot be on the registry for that year?


When does the Pesticide Notification Registry expire?

The Pesticide Notification Registry is good for one calendar year. The registry expires on March 15.

Is there anything I can do to avoid having my name removed from the Pesticide Notification Registry?

A name will be removed from the list if the applicant fails to return their renewal application prior to the last day that the application will be accepted (February 1).

What does one need to do to renew one's Pesticide Notification Registration?

A completed renewal form will be mailed to you on October 15. Simply sign it, make any changes, and have physician form completed and signed, then return to us.

What should I do if there are changes on my Pesticide Notification Renewal Application?

If you are renewing your Pesticide Notification Application, you should delete any incorrect information that is the renewal application and replace it with corrected information.