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PABL Application Business License Renewal Instructions for a Blank Renewal

To ensure continuity of your Pesticide Application Business License, the renewal application must be submitted to MDARD by December 31 when the current license expires.

If (and only if) you're adding a new category, please complete the Notarized Statement of Experience (PI-217). The new category will not be added to your license unless this form is NOTARIZED by a notary public and returned with the renewal application. Please check the boxes for all of the additional categories that you want added to your license. In addition, on the renewal form we sent you via US post, we have placed on your renewal application (Box #8), the names of your business applicators, their certification number, and expiration date of certification. Please review this information and have any expired/expiring applicators re-certify. If you no longer have or did not receive your renewal form in the mail, please contact us at 517-284-5771.

The following deficiencies may delay or prevent your license from being issued; please read the checklist instructions carefully:

  • Applicators with expired certification credentials: The licensing system is unable to issue your business license until the certification system has issued your certification card.
  • Expired insurance coverage.
  • Missing and/or expired corporation, partnership, or assumed name documents.

Please allow enough time for MDARD to process both the certification credential(s) plus four to six weeks to process your business license. If you have any questions, please contact Pesticide and Plant Pest Management Division at 517-284-5653.

Business license application forms and other information are available here.

Compliance Reminders!

  • It is a violation to continue to offer pesticide services after 12/31 until you have complied with the renewal requirements. This includes bidding on contracts and advertising in the new year. If such violations occur, MDARD will initiate enforcement action.
  • It is a violation for applicators to make applications without carrying their certification card/temporary credential (paperwork) with them.
  • Application records are now required to list the EPA Registration number of the product(s) applied.
  • If you will not be renewing the license, please return the renewal application marking “DECLINE” in Box #2.