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Feed Manufacturer/Distributor License

Commercial Feed Program

Animal Feed Safety Section Information

For general information, Feed Labeling, and Tonnage questions, contact

MDARD Animal Feed Program Inspection Staff

Commercial Feed Law, Act No. 120, P.A. of 1975, as amended

Commercial Feed, Regulation No. 635

Commercial Feed Licensing/Labeling and Inspection & Tonnage Fees

Commercial Animal Feed Manufacturer/Distributor License Application Form

Each physical location manufacturing feed in Michigan is required to obtain a Michigan Commercial Feed License.

Inspection and Tonnage Fee Report Form - Print

Inspection and Tonnage Fee Report Form - Electronic

Please see our FAQs document for additional information or contact us at or 517-284-5735 if you have further questions.

Common Errors in the Inspection & Tonnage Fee Report Form

Common Errors in the Electronic Inspection & Tonnage Fee Report Form

FAQs Document Inspection and Tonnage Fee Report Form

2022 Inspection and Tonnage Fee Report Letter

Reporting Inspection and Tonnage Fee

Every licensee must submit tonnage reports and tonnage-based inspection fees once a year.  Licensees file one annual report each July for the reporting period July 1 - June 30.

Michigan Commercial Feed Manufacturer/Distributor/Guarantor License List

Animal Feed

Animal Feed Label Requirements

Feed labels allow consumers to choose products that meet their needs, contain necessary information to determine nutritional content and tell the buyer how to use the product properly.

Is One License Enough?

Every commercial feed label must show the complete name and principal mailing address of the licensee, exactly as it appears on the license. Use these scenarios to determine if more than one license is needed.

Hemp in Animal and Pet Feed

Are pet treats included under the new Cottage Food Law?
No, the Cottage Food Law applies to human food only. In order to make and sell pet treats, you will need to have a feed license.

Organic Animal Feed

The Business of Pet Food

An excellent resource on how to start a pet food business. This site includes licensing, labeling, reporting, and testing information.


Commercial Feed Inspections

MDARD staff inspect, sample, and analyze commercial feed to determine whether that commercial feed is in compliance with the Commercial Feed Law and the rules promulgated under the Act.

Medicated Feed

If a feed manufacturer adds antibiotics or other drugs to any of the feeds it produces, whether for the treatment or prevention of disease, or as an aid in promoting animal growth or feed efficiency, the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (MDARD) periodically conducts a special type of inspection at their facility.

Medicated Feeds: Updates to Veterinary Feed Directives (VFD's)

Michigan Commercial Feed Testing Laboratories List

Feed Certificate of Free Sale

Certificate of Free Sale Requirements for Animal Feed

Feed Complaints and Animal Feed Recalls

Animal Feed Complaints

If you have reason to believe that a livestock or companion animal problem may be feed related, or that illegal practices relating to feed may have taken place, you are encouraged to contact the MDARD Toll Free number, 800-292-3939, to file a complaint.

Michigan Feed Recall Notification Requirements

Aflatoxin Poisoning in Pets: What You Need to Know

Animal Feed Safety Resources

American Feed Industry Association / AFIA

Animal and Pet Food Safety for Consumers

AOAC International

Association of American Feed Control Officials / AAFCO

FDA Center for Veterinary Medicine / CVM

Michigan State University Extension / MSUE

MSU Diagnostic Center for Population and Animal Health / DCPAH

National Animal Supplement Council / NASC

The Pet Food Institute

Raw Meat Diets for Animals