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Finding a Mosquito Control Business

Things to know when you hire a company to control mosquitos:

Business Licenses

Why should I hire a licensed firm?

  • Firms are required to be licensed to apply pesticides in Michigan and must meet certain financial and experience requirements including proof of insurance, meet certain experience requirements, and employ certified pesticide applicators who have passed MDARD proficiency examinations.
  • Firms that are qualified to apply pesticides to control mosquitos must be licensed in Category 7F, Mosquito Pest Management.

Finding a Qualified Firm

Where do I look?

Full list of firms licensed to apply pesticides to control mosquitos:

Customer Information

What type of information should I expect to receive from a licensed pesticide application company?

SERVICE AGREEMENT: The licensed firm should establish a verbal or written service agreement with the customer, specifying:

  • Customer's consent to services.
  • Name, address, phone number of the firm providing the service.
  • Approximate schedule, frequency, and duration of anticipated services.

CUSTOMER INFORMATION: The licensed firm will provide written customer information at the time of service, or by electronic transmission with the customers consent within 48 hours. The written information will include:

  • Name, address, phone of the firm providing the services.
  • Full name of the applicator who provides the services.
  • General description of the target pest(s).
  • A list of the pesticide(s) applied, including the common name of the active ingredient(s).
  • The time and date of application.
  • Applicable precautionary statements or reentry restrictions that appear on the pesticide label(s).

RISK & BENEFIT INFORMATION: Written risk/benefit information shall be provided to the customer not later than at the time of the initial pesticide application. The risk/benefit information includes general safety information about pesticides.