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Compliance Monitoring - Inspection and Testing Requirements

Michigan seed inspectors routinely review seed labels to make sure that they comply with the provisions of the Michigan Seed Law, Act No. 329, Sections 3 to 7, and Regulation 715, Seed Law Implementation. When they encounter seed that is in violation of the law or regulations, those responsible will be required to take whatever action is appropriate to correct the labels.

Inspections may also include the collection of "official samples" from the various lots of seed encountered. The samples are considered official because they are collected by trained and authorized staff following strict procedures that ensure all samples are representative of the seed lot from which they are obtained. While maintaining a strict chain of custody, these samples are analyzed by the State Seed Laboratory using "official" methods of testing.

When testing reveals that a lot of seed is in violation of the Michigan Seed Law or any of its regulations, inspectors will return to the place where the sample was taken to make sure that any remaining seed is not sold until corrective measures are taken.

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