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Blueberry Certification Program for Exporting Fresh Fruit to Canada

Options for Certification

Michigan blueberry growers desiring to ship fresh blueberry fruit to destinations in Canada have two options for certification.

Option 1: Participate in the Blueberry Certification Program (BCP), as defined in Canadian Plant Protection Policy Directive D-02-04 "Phytosanitary Requirements for the Importation from the Continental United States and for Domestic Movement of Commodities Regulated for Blueberry Maggot "

The BCP is a systems approach type of program requiring approval of growers by USDA and MDARD, pest monitoring and control procedures, grading, fruit sampling and testing and auditing by MDARD inspectors. Fruit shipped under the BCP requires a special USDA-approved sticker certificate.

Option 2: Have the fresh fruit fumigated with methyl bromide

Fruit shipped under this option must be accompanied by a Federal Phytosanitary Certificate for Export (PPQ Form 577) issued by MDARD staff.

Program Information

Program Summary of Blueberry Certification Program requirements Canadian Directive D-02-04 (Section contains detailed requirements of the Blueberry Certification Program)


Application to Participate in the Blueberry Certification Program - deadline April 15.


For further information regarding the Blueberry Certification Program, please contact the Export and Compliance Specialist, Amber Neils, at 517-449-0786, or by email at