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    Birth, Death, Marriage and Divorce Records
      Order A Record Online
     Order A Record by Mail
     Eligibility Requirements
     Additional Information
     Correct A Birth Record
     Correct A Death Record
     Heirloom Birth Certificates
    Physical Health & Prevention
     Disability Health
     Lead Poisoning
     Health Disparity Reduction and Minority Health
     Influenza (The Flu)
     Services for Seniors
     Long Term Care
     End of Life
     Informed Consent for Abortion
     Problem Gambling
     Primary Care & Public Health
    Pregnant Women, Children & Families
     Women, Infants & Children
     About WIC
     Local WIC Agencies
     Farmer's Market
     Frequently Asked Questions
     Medical Providers
     WIC Providers
     WIC Vendors/Grocers
     Fraud & Abuse
     WIC Data & System Management
     Children & Families
     Healthy Children & Healthy Families
     Lead Poisoning
     Immunization Info for Families & Providers
     Hereditary Disorders
     Children with Special Needs Fund
     Pregnancy Risk Assessment Monitoring
     Early Hearing Detection and Intervention
     Maternal Infant Health Program
     Children's Special Health Care Services
     Teen Pregnancy Prevention Initiative
     Maternal & Child Health Epidemiology
     Community Collaboratives
     Guidance for Collaboratives
    Behavioral Health & Developmental Disability
     Mental Health & Developmental Disability
     Hospitals and Centers
     Developmental Disability
     Children & Families
     Community Mental Health Services
     Practice Guidelines
     Recipient Rights
     Mental Health Statistics & Reports
     Traumatic Brain Injury
     Requests for Proposals & Grants
     Psychiatric Advance Directive
     Publications & Resources
     Recovery Council
     Mental Health Programs & Practices for Adults
     Customer Services
     MDCH Site Reviews
     2013 Application for Participation
     Behavioral Health Advisory Council
     BH Recovery, Substance Use, Problem Gambling
     Frequently Asked Questions
     Contact Us
     About Us
     Problem Gambling
     Business Partners
     Reports and Statistics
     Reporting Requirements
     Integrated Treatment for Co-occurring Disorders
     Behavioral and Physical Health Care Integration
    Health Care Coverage
     Protected Medical Information (HIPAA)
     Help Finding Health Care
     Healthy Michigan Plan
     Children & Teens
     Services for Seniors
     Medicare Medicaid Dual Eligible
     MI Choice Waiver Program
     Nursing Home
     Pregnant Women
      Maternal and Infant Health Program
     Persons With Disabilities
     Quick Links
     Medicare/Medicaid Dual Eligible
    Statistics and Reports
     Vital Statistics
     Natality and Pregnancy
     Average Day
     Infant Mortality
     Marriage & Divorce
     Baby Names
     Fatal Injuries
     Historical Data
     Community Health Information
     Communicable Diseases
     Sexually Transmitted Diseases
     Reportable Diseases and Conditions
     Cancer Statistics
     Health Care Statistics
     Preventable Hospitalizations
     Medical Procedures
     Leading Hospitalizations
     Population Trends
     Birth Defects
     Maternal & Child Health Data
     Michigan Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (MiBRFSS)
     Health Disparities
     Other Chronic Disease & Injury Control Data
     Other Published Reports and Surveys
     Institutional Review Board
     Assistance With Informed Consent
     Information for New Applications
     Requirements After Approval
     Information about IRB Membership
     Other Resources
     Integrated Care Demonstration
     State Innovation Model
     State Loan Repayment Program
     Health Professional Shortage Area
     International Medical Graduate Programs
     Health Professional Students and Residents
     Information for Health Professional Schools
     Information for Clinical Sites
     Information for Clinical Preceptors
     Important Updates
     Additional Information
     Lab Services
     Laboratory Services Guide
     Specimen Submission
     Guidelines for Labs
     Regional Labs
     Biomonitoring Opportunities
     Communicable & Chronic Diseases
     Departmental Forms
     Community Mental Health Services
     Certificate of Need
     Substance Abuse Providers
    Inside Community Health
     Budget & Finance
     Medicaid Waiver & State Plan Amend. Notification
     Boilerplate Reports
     Executive Operations
     Equal Employment Opportunity
     Health Administration
     Mental Health & Substance Abuse Services
     Policy and Planning
     Patient Safety
     Patient Safety Information for the Public
     Patient Safety for Professionals
     Careers With MDCH
     About Us
     Career Planning
     Community Involvement
     Job Openings
     Where We Operate
     MDCH Audit
     Audit Reports
     Audit Reporting
     Office of Nursing Policy
     Operations Administration
     Medical Services Administration
     Health Information Technology Commission
     Commission Meeting Materials
    Public Safety & Environmental Health
     Office of Public Health Preparedness
     Health Care Preparedness Planning
     Public Health Preparedness Planning
     Training and Events
     About OPHP
     Contact Information
     Partner Resources
     Toxic Substances
     Climate Change
     Michigan Fish & Game Advisory
     Carbon Monoxide
     Potassium Iodide
     Injury & Violence Prevention
     Great Lakes Border Health Initiative
     Tools for Border Health
     About GLBHI
     GLBHI News & Updates
     Crime Victim Services
     Michigan Sports Concussion Law
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