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Community Engagement & Education Division

MI Response to Hate Public Service Announcement

Community Engagement & Education Division

The Community Engagement and Education Division (CEED) is primarily focused on education and community engagement to help prevent discrimination. We accomplish this goal by offering training on General Civil Rights Law, Discriminatory Harassment, Building Cultural Competency, Hate Crimes 101 and other topics. The Division also works to prevent discrimination through community-centered initiatives including Advocates and Leaders for Police and Community Trust (ALPACT), Michigan Alliance Against Hate Crimes (MIAAHC), Youth Civil Rights Academy, and engagement in migrant and seasonal farmworker concerns.


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CEED’s educational efforts provide customers with information and training about civil rights laws and enhances the awareness of civil rights issues. It provides the public with a resource for the proactive prevention of discrimination within a community.


Community Engagement

CEED seeks to engage a broad range of stakeholders to achieve long-term and sustainable outcomes to complex problems. We collaborate with community organizations; churches; non-profit organizations; and city, county, state and federal government entities to address issues affecting the well-being of community members. Engaging in a collaborative manner is a powerful tool used to bring about environmental, social and behavioral changes that will improve the health of the community and its members.

Community Engagement

Hate Crimes and Bias Incidents

The CEED is responsible for coordinating MDCR's response to hate crimes and bias incidents. This includes managing the MIchigan Alliance Against Hate Crimes, which is a statewide coalition of local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies, civil rights organizations, community-based groups, educators, and anti-violence advocates working to ensure a complete and effective response to hate crimes and bias incidents.

Michigan Alliance Against Hate Crimes


The purpose of Advocates and Leaders for Police and Community Trust (ALPACT) is to examine issues affecting police and community relations and ensure equitable enforcement of laws, including: racial profiling, police discretion, use of force, recruitment and training, citizen complaint processes, community partnering, and police leadership and management disciplinary practices.

ALPACT of Southwest Michigan is comprised of leaders and members of the community in Southwest Michigan, civil rights and civil liberties organizations, and leaders from the law enforcement community.

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