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Advancing Racial Equity

MDCR is committed to advancing racial equity in all its initiatives. We also are working to build collaborative relationships with communities, government agencies and organizations throughout Michigan to help them incorporate racial equity into all their policies, processes and decision-making.

The Racial Equity Toolkit is a starting point for any organization or government agency looking to advance racial equity in their own communities in order to ensure equal opportunity and access for all.

What is Racial Equity?

Racial equity is the systemic fair treatment of all races that produces equitable opportunities and outcomes for all people.

What is a Racial Equity Lens?

A racial equity lens is the set of questions we ask ourselves throughout the decision-making process. The lens interrupts the impact of unintended consequences by taking into consideration the lived experiences and perspectives of the racially diverse communities we intend to serve.

The Racial Equity Toolkit

The Racial Equity Toolkit is a compilation of frameworks, strategies, implementation processes and resources from localities working on racial equity. The toolkit serves as a step-by-step guide to help municipal governments start their racial equity work. While the toolkit has a general structure, it is by no means a one-size-fits-all model. Rather it is a beginning guide providing tangible options - options that have been tried by other cities and townships – that can assist governments in deciding which methods would best suit the demographics and needs of their communities and their goals. With this toolkit, local governments can better assess their internal and external capabilities to accomplish their racial equity goals. Download the Racial Equity Toolkit here.

Training Solutions Through an Equity Lens

MDCR’s training solutions focus on race extensively but not exclusively as we recognize the intersectionality and multilayers of systemic advantage and disadvantage. For organizations to advance equity and incorporate it across departmental lines, action plans that endorse equity and inclusion are essential to effectively create the long-term implementation of equitable practices, policies and procedures. For more information on Racial Equity Training, download the flyer Training Solutions Through an Equity Lens here.

Scope of Equity Work

For all residents of Michigan to experience equitable opportunities to grow and thrive, we need to promote a shared understanding of the root causes of systemic disparities. The information in the flyer Scope of Equity Work highlights current and future efforts centered on directly challenging and fundamentally transforming systems through intentional strategies and proactive steps founded on an equity platform. Download the flyer Scope of Equity Work here.

Contact MDCR Equity Officer Alfredo Hernandez at for more information.