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Additional Worksite Wellness Links
At Your Workplace
'Healthy At Work' promotes 'Healthy Away from Work'.


Resources from the Cardiovascular Health, Nutrition
and Physical Activity Section,
Michigan Department of Community Health:

CVH, Nutrition & Physical Activity Section
Michigan Department of Community Health
  • Designing Healthy Environments at Work (DHEW)
    The feedback that you receive after you complete the assessment will assist in identifying the areas within your worksite environment that you may want to make healthier. In the "Resources" section of DHEW, there is an employee interest survey. Use this survey to gather information on the wellness activities that are important to your employees. These two tools compliment each other, and can assist in prioritizing your wellness activities.

  • Michigan Health & Wellness 4 x 4 Plan
    The Michigan 4 x 4 tool incorporates four key healthy behaviors with four key health measures, and lays out strategies for improving health and wellness.  

stair climbing graphic
Add Steps - Climb Stairs!

When practical, include stair-climbing options in employee events.     
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Stepping In & Around
The Workplace

You can walk the routes associated with your work place (for example surrounding blocks, to and from popular nearby destinations, or through underground parking ramps).  Count the steps, develop a chart and post it at your worksite to help inspire others to walk.

SUGGESTION: Pair up two tall individuals and two shorter individuals. Each person counts the steps and records them at 1,000-step (approx. 0.5 mile) intervals, noting any landmarks.  At least one member of each pair wears a pedometer for step count comparisons at the end of the event.  Simple step counters give an estimate of steps taken.
Got stress on the job?
The Proven Way to Relax
The Employee Service Program offers an online stress management program that gives you an opportunity to assess your own stress level, and develop a plan for managing it. This program is completely anonymous. Click on "Systematic Stress Management".

One critical aspect of Smart Stress Management is "Thinking Differently". Read more.
Make Mental Health Screenings Part of Your Healthy Lifestyle

Health screenings provide a quick and easy way to spot the first signs of a potential health problem. The Employee Service Program offers online screenings for depression, anxiety, alcohol, and eating disorders. If you have questions or concerns in any of these areas, to complete a free, anonymous personal screening click "Interactive Screening Program."



Away from the Workplace
Click for ideas on physical activity away from work.


10,000 Steps A Day
Keep Comfortable Shoes Handy

Get Started Tips walking graphic

How Many Steps in a Mile?

Activity Conversion Charts
Compare steps to other activities (pdf)
Tools calculator

Fitness Tools & Calculators

Record Sheet Sample

Tracking Your Walks

Walk A Day Journal Sample

Walking Fitness Toolbox

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