Seasonal Flu Busters Program for State of Michigan Employees

2021 Flu Vaccine Clinic Dates:

September 13, 2021 - November 12, 2021

Note: The Flu Vaccine Program is for Active State Employees Only

The Employee Benefits Division of the Michigan Civil Service Commission coordinates seasonal flu vaccines for State of Michigan employees. The Michigan Community Wellness Visiting Nurse Association (VNA) administers the vaccines.

A flu vaccine is covered at 100% for employees who are insured by a State group medical insurance plan. Services will be provided at no charge to you if present your health insurance card either via photocopy, a virtual insurance card via your health insurance carrier's app, or your physical card at your appointment.

If you do not have proof of your State health insurance, be prepared to pay $35.00 by cash or check to: "Michigan Community VNA - Flu Program", for the flu vaccination. Senate and House health insurance cannot be billed for this flu vaccine program and will be required to pay $35.00 by cash or check to: "Michigan Community VNA - Flu Program." A receipt will be provided.

Flu Vaccine Clinic Listings 

MDHHS Flu Vaccine Finder

Before Attending a State of Michigan Flu Vaccine Clinic:

You will be required to bring documentation to your vaccination site after enrolling. Make sure you have all of the materials listed below to ensure a quick and easy vaccination day!

Please bring the following items with you to your vaccination site:

  1. Face covering/mask to wear at the flu vaccine clinic.
  2. Be prepared to present your state group health insurance card via photocopy, a virtual insurance card via your health insurance carrier's app, or your physical card. 
    • Vision, dental, or any other non-state health insurance card will not be accepted.
  3. Your State Employee ID Card
  4. A completed Consent Form
    • After you register for the clinic, you may complete the consent form online through the VNA website,, using the following Clinic ID 748 and Passcode SMFC2021. Search for the clinic you registered for and complete the information. It will be submitted to VNA and you will receive an email confirmation of form completion.‚Äč
    • As an alternative, you may print a completed 2021 Influenza Vaccination Assessment and Consent Form. Previous years' versions of this form will not be accepted.

Additional Vaccine Resources