If I'm enrolled in an HDHP with HSA and LPHC FSA for PY2021 and have LPHC FSA funds carry over to PY2022, will those funds stay in a LPHC FSA whether or not I remain enrolled in the HDHP with HSA for PY2022?

Those funds, up to the carryover maximum of $550, would be carried over to a LPHC FSA for plan year 2022. If you do not enroll in an HDHP with HSA for plan year 2022, you could enroll in a GPHC FSA to ensure the 2021 carryover funds are placed in the 2022 GPHC FSA. If you don’t re-enroll in a HCFSA for plan year 2022, you can contact WageWorks to request that the carryover balance be transferred to a GPHC FSA effective January 1, 2022.