Required Documentation

See Also: Dependent Eligibility Guidelines
See Also: Employee Eligibility Guidelines

The documents listed in the expandable sections below are acceptable proof of dependent, adult child, and OEAI eligibility for insurance coverage. Click the dependent type you wish to add to your coverage to view the required documentation. See Employee Eligibility Guidelines for more detailed eligibility information.

Documents must be provided to the MI HR Service Center via fax or mail, or delivered in person. Contact information is provided at the bottom of this page. Legible copies are required for each type of document. Please do not provide originals; documents will not be returned.

Benefit Effective Dates

Newly Hired Employees: Benefits will be effective the first day of the new pay-period starting after you call the MI HR Service Center (877-766-6447) to enroll. Newly hired employees must call MI HR within 31 days of their hire date to enroll in benefits. Benefits are not effective immediately upon hire or immedately after contacting MI HR to enroll.

Insurance Open Enrollment (IOE): Any newly-elected benefits or changes made during IOE will go into effect on the first day of the full pay-period in October (the new fiscal year).

Insurance Open Enrollment

Copies of documentation must be faxed (517-241-5892) or mailed to the MI HR Service Center by September 30th.

Life Events

To add or change eligible dependents due to a life event (e.g.: marriage, birth, divorce), call the MI HR Service Center (877-766-6447)  as soon as possible, no later than 31 days following the life event. Do not wait until you have the official documentation.