2016-2017 Insurance Open Enrollment Plan Changes

For the 2016-2017 Insurance Open Enrollment period, a number of plan improvements have been made to the benefits available to you, as a State of Michigan employee.

Improvements have been made to the health, dental, vision, and dependent life insurance benefits, so it is very important to review these changes, as well as your current benefit elections, to ensure you have the coverage you need in the coming year. Remember, IOE is your once-a-year opportunity to change, enroll in, or add individuals to your benefits, so participation is strongly encouraged.

Taking effect on October 9, 2016, pursuant to respective collective bargaining agreements, the plan improvements are highlighted below. Please refer to individual plan summaries for details on coverage. MSPTA (T01) represented employees are excluded from all changes listed below.

Health Insurance

New Telemedicine (Online) 
State Health Plan PPO (BCBSM)

What's Changed? The telemedicine benefit allows you to visit with a doctor from home or work through your computer or mobile device for certain conditions, when getting to your primary care physician may not be possible. Telemedicine appointments will be covered at the same copay as a standard office visit. While this change only impacts the PPO plan this year, some HMO plans already offer telemedicine as part of their benefit package. Review an HMO’s plan summary for specific details.

New Hearing Aid Discount
State Health Plan PPO (BCBSM)

What's Changed? A discount for hearing aids will be offered through the State Health Plan PPO this year.

Expanded Smoking Cessation Platform (Online)
State Health Plan PPO (BCBSM)

What's Changed? The smoking cessation program through the State Health Plan PPO has been moved to an online platform for greater usability and accessibility (UAW excluded from online smoking cessation platform).

Expanded Other Eligible Adult Individual (OEAI) Coverage
All HMOs/State Health Plan PPO (BCBSM)

What's Changed? Employees currently represented by AFSCME and MCO may now enroll one OEAI and their dependents into a State of Michigan health plan, joining NEREs and employees represented by MSEA, UAW Local 6000, and SEIU Local 517 (Judicial Branch excluded).

Eligible employees must switch to an OEAI coverage option and are responsible for paying the taxes associated with carrying the respective OEAI and dependent(s). Review the OEAI Enrollment and Affidavit form and the OEAI Tax Implications form (PDF) for more information.

Dental Insurance

Expanded Occlusal Guard Coverage
State Dental Plan (Delta Dental)

What's Changed? Occlusal guards, typically worn at night to help reduce damage from grinding and clenching teeth, are now approved every five years after previously only being approved for one per lifetime. These will be covered 100% in-network under the State Dental Plan. These changes do not apply to the Midwestern Dental DMO or Preventive Dental plans.

Vision Insurance

New Photochromatic Lens Coverage
State Vision Plan (BCBS/VSP)

What's Changed? Photochromatic lenses (transitions), and progressive lenses, are now covered at 100% after any applicable copays.

Specialty Computer and Safety Glasses
State Vision Plan (BCBS/VSP)
What's Changed? Please visit the dedicated Specialty Computer and Safety Glasses page for more information on this benefit.
Dependent Life Insurance

New Dependent Life Coverage Levels
Dependent Life Insurance (Minnesota Life)

What's Changed? In addition to the five previous coverage level options remaining available, you will now have the opportunity to select two new coverage levels:  $50,000 Spouse and $15,000 per Child coverage, or, $15,000 per Child-only.

Special for Health Plus HMO Enrollees

Health Plus HMO Availability
(Health Plus HMO/Health Alliance Plan (HAP) HMO)

What's Changed? Due to the February 2016 merger between Health Plus and Health Alliance Plan (HAP), the Health Plus HMO will no longer be available after the start of the new plan year, October 9, 2016. Current Health Plus HMO enrollees are encouraged to log in to their HR Self-Service account during Insurance Open Enrollment and select a new health insurance benefit. If no action is taken, current Health Plus HMO enrollees will be automatically enrolled in the HAP HMO.