• Introduction

    This page gives a brief explanation of some of the benefits that are provided by the State of Michigan according to union contracts or Civil Service Commission Rules. See details on these and other employment information.


MCSC Insurance
  • Insurance Benefits

    State of Michigan employment benefits include health, dental, vision, life insurance, long-term disability, and many voluntary benefit options.

MCSC Leave Time
  • Leave Time

    Full time employees receive between 15 and 35 vacation leave days per year. Employees also receive 13 sick days per year, and 8 hours of leave annually to participate in certain school functions or community activities. Employees may also qualify for up to 12 weeks of unpaid leave for certain family or medical situations.

MCSC Holidays
  • Holidays

    State employees receive 12 scheduled holidays each year, which include New Years Eve Day and New Years Day, Christmas Eve Day and Christmas Day, Memorial Day, and Veterans Day just to name a few.

MCSC Alternative Work Schedules
  • Alternative Work Schedules

    Flexible work schedules and telecommuting options are available in many jobs.

MCSC Deferred Compensation
  • Deferred Compensation

    Employees may invest income in a tax-deferred retirement investment program. The state offers two optional deferred compensation plans, the 457 and 401(k). Employees decide the amount to be deducted from their paychecks.