How Do I Make My Password Secure?

Security: The confidentiality of information and integrity of the HRMN system, in part, relies on the individual user's ability to safeguard information. (HRMN Central Security)

  • Protect your password from unauthorized use.
  • Don't share your user password with anyone.
  • Try to memorize your password instead of writing it down.
  • Never leave your password written down near your computer or any place that another person could find it and use it.
  • Always remember to completely log out of your self-service web-site before you leave your computer. Close all your browser windows.
  • Make sure that you are being prompted for your user name and password for MI HR Self-Service each time you log in. If you're not, your password is probably saved into your browser and anyone may be able to access your personal information at your computer. For directions on unsaving a password from your browser, refer to the MI HR Self-Service Gateway page( Click the Password Help link, and then How to Un-save your Password