My Password is not Accepted

Although only the password field is cleared after an unsuccessful login attempt, your User Name could be wrong. Your user name is lowercase h and your seven digit employee ID number (or lowercase h, the number zero and then your six digit employee number). If you don't have your Self-Service wallet card, your employee ID number can be found in DCDS under the employee info tab or you can contact your HR Office.

User Name Examples:
Seven digit employee number - h1234567
Six digit employee number - h0123456

In addition, you may be entering your password incorrectly. Double-check to make sure that the letters in your password were entered in lower case, and that the shift key is used when entering symbols like ? or #.

NOTE: After three unsuccessful log-in attempts you will receive an "unauthorized" message. Close your Internet Explorer browser and re-open. This will refresh the web page.

You can request a new password on-line. Your Self-Service password protects the confidentiality of your information and the integrity of the state system. You are responsible for protecting your password from unauthorized use. Don't share it with anyone. Don't keep a copy of it by your computer. We recommend changing your password at least every six months. If you have any concern someone may have seen your password, change it immediately!

If you are still having problems logging into MI HR Self-Service, please call the MI HR Service Center at 877-766-6447.