SIGMA Timekeeping FAQs
What does the FMLA hour(s) type mean?

The coding FMLA is entered for unpaid hours.

If leave credits will be used, you would enter the following:

FMSL - using sick leave
FMAL - using annual leave
FMBL - using BLT
FMHL - holiday pay
FMCM - comp
FMD1 - 1981 deferred
FMD2 - 1982 deferred

Can time be entered into SIGMA prior to starting a leave of absence?

Yes. Hours should be entered using normal leave credits with a comment "pending FMLA approval." Your supervisor can convert the hours to FMLA hours once the leave has been approved. Your supervisor will be responsible from here on to ensure your time is entered as you delegated.

I have not yet received approval for my FMLA leave of absence. There still are FMLA hours available from a prior leave. Can those hours be used as FM if the leave has not yet been approved?

No. The prior approval for FMLA ceased upon your return-to-work. You may not enter any more FM hours until approval for the current leave is received.

How do I know how many FMLA hours are available, or how many FMLA hours have been used?

You can see how many FMLA hours you have available in SIGMA. Go to the Time and Leave Tab, Time Information, View Leave Balance. The FMLA Hours Type is how many hours are available.

Once the leave of absence starts, does the DMO enter the employee's time in SIGMA?

No. The DMO does not enter employee's time into SIGMA. Time should be entered by the employee or by the supervisor.

I want to use annual and sick leave credits. Does it matter in what order they are used?

Yes. You should always enter sick leave credits first. Eligibility to collect LTD payments is based on the date sick leave credits are exhausted. Employee's who are covered under the UAW contract must exhaust sick leave credits prior to using other leave credits.

What should I do if I want to freeze my annual leave credits, but do not want to lose my annual leave accrual while I am still on payroll?

If you are at your maximum accumulation of annual leave, your supervisor or timekeeper should use your annual leave accrual each pay period to avoid losing leave credits.

Can/should sick leave accrual hours be used after sick leave credits were exhausted?

No. Sick leave accruals should not be entered after they were exhausted.  When in doubt, please check with DMO.

How do I enter holiday hours during an FMLA-approved leave?

Use the FMHL hour's type, if you qualify for the paid holiday. If you are unsure if you qualify for the holiday, please consult with your Human Resources Office.

Can I come in and work Regular hours during a leave?

No. The physician certified that you are incapacitated from working. A doctor's release must be provided to the Disability Management Office prior to returning to work from a medical leave of absence.

How are annual leave donations entered?

Annual leave donations are processed by your Human Resources Office and/or Labor Relations. Please contact them directly.

Should I enter lost time hours on a timesheet?

No. Please do not enter lost time hours after a leave has been approved by the DMO.

I get an error that FMLA is exhausted, what should I do?

Enter normal sick leave or annual leave credits (per the Leave Application). Contact the DMO if you are unsure if your FMLA entitlement of 480 hours was exhausted.

What should be entered on a timesheet for the remaining pay period after all other leave credits are exhausted?

Enter the FMLA (unpaid) hour's type if on a FMLA-approved leave. Otherwise, leave the hours blank.

What should be entered on a timesheet for a Parental leave, after FMLA is exhausted?

Leave days after FMLA exhaustion blank. The leave will be unpaid after the FMLA entitlement is exhausted. You will be removed from payroll and placed on an approved leave of absence.

How do you correct a timesheet if time was entered incorrectly (e.g., annual leave used instead of sick leave credits)?

Please contact your Human Resources Office for a timesheet correction.

I was off work for two weeks before the FMLA counter was activated, so time was entered as normal leave credits. How will the hours be counted as FM hours?

The DMO will manually add the hours or days off work to your FMLA counter. Please contact the DMO if you have any questions regarding FMLA hours.

I had been approved for a Plan A or modified work schedule by our Department. How do I enter Plan A hours on the timesheet while on a leave of absence?

Alternate work schedules are temporarily suspended during a leave of absence. Your schedule will revert to a normal 8-hour work day. Alternate work schedules (Plan A or modified work schedule) can resume upon your return to work.

I returned to work, but my name does not show up in SIGMA. What should I do?

You were removed from payroll during the leave of absence and have not been reactivated on payroll upon return to work. You or your supervisor should contact the DMO immediately for clarification.

Why can't I enter hours for the days prior to my return-to-work date?

You may have exhausted leave credits and were removed from payroll and placed on a leave of absence. You will be able to enter hours starting with the actual return-to-work date.