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Am I eligible for Parental Leave?

You may be eligible for a Parental Leave under Civil Service Commission Rules if you are a non-Exclusively Represented Employee (NERE) or your collective bargaining agreement (CBA) if you can provide proof of parentage.
Proof of parentage includes:
Birth certificate
Hospital certificate of birth
Letter from attending physician
Affidavit of parentage
Adoption documentation
Foster care documentation
Non-represented employees (NERE) will also need to have completed 2,080 hours of satisfactory service to be eligible for a Parental Leave.
If you are covered by a collective bargaining agreement you must have completed the number of satisfactory service hours shown below:
UAW  1,040 hours
AFSCME  2,080 hours*
MSEA    2,080 hours*
MPE/SEIU HSS 2,080 hours*
MPE/SEIU S&E 2,080 hours*
MPE/SEIU Tech 2,080 hours*
*and successful completion of your initial probationary period.
For service requirements for leave qualifying under FMLA, see the question "Am I eligible for the entitlements under the Family Medical leave Act (FMLA)?" below.