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General Wellness

Wellness is a broad concept that includes many areas of our lives. There are several components to wellness that are at the core of achieving positive health and balance.  The building blocks of general wellness are taking care of our preventative health needs, eating well, and sleeping regularly. Think about your daily routine and consider how you are doing in these core areas. Below are resources to assist you in laying the foundation for creating a healthier routine.

  • Take Charge of Your Health is an online tool to get personalized preventative services recommendations for yourself or a loved one. There are also a variety of resources on nutrition, physical health, and everyday healthy living.
  • offers resources on menu ideas, creating a healthy meal plan, and tips on navigating the grocery store to find budget-friendly and healthy options.
  • is a USDA-sponsored website that has resources on a variety of health topics including dietary supplements, nutrition and health issues, shopping, cooking and meal planning among others.
  • Sleep & Health Education Gateway is a resource from the Division of Sleep Medicine at Harvard medical School that offers resources on assessing your sleep needs, adopting good sleep habits and also has additional information on sleep disorders such as insomnia and sleep apnea.
  • Why is Sleep Important? is an article from the National Institute of Health that describes the importance of the benefits of sleep and having a consistent sleep schedule.