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Medical Resources - Health & Wellness


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 Working on Wellness

Find healthy recipes, tips on weight loss, tobacco cessation, wellness resources, and more!

State of Michigan Employee Benefits Division  

PPACA Services Adults

PPACA and Preventative Services for all Adults.
A complete list of preventive services covered under the PPACA.


PPACA Services Women

PPACA and Preventive Services for Women. A complete list of preventive services covered under the PPACA.  


PPACA Services Children

PPACA and Children. A complete list of preventive services covered under the PPACA. 


 Personal Health Plan

Find information on healthy behaviors, healthy measures, create a personal plan, and a host of other information.

State of Michigan Health & Wellness 

How to Prevent Disease 

Physical Health & Prevention, find information on prevention of diseases & conditions such as heart disease, cancer, diabetes and many others.

Michigan Department of Community Health

 Safe Living

Find information hazardous substances, carbon monoxide, eating safe fish, mold, mercury, and more.

Michigan Department of Community Health - Division of Environmental Health

When to Get Vaccines

When to get vaccinated; Seniors over age 65, even if you received vaccines as a child you may still need one or more.


Healthy Living

Healthy Living - information on aging, antibiotics, cancer prevention, diabetes, oral health, mental health, blood pressure, and more.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention 

Flu Info

Information on symptoms, treatment, prevention, vaccination, and much more.


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