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Summary of Changes

Summary of Benefit Changes
Health Insurance   State of Michigan Health Plan options available to eligible employees were based on hire date; one plan design for those hired prior to 4/1/10, and another for those hired on or after 4/1/10.  Effective October 12, 2014, the two plans will be consolidated into one plan design for the State Health Plan PPO and one plan design for the Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs).  Review the following summary outline for general details: 

In-Network Summary of Health Care Benefits Effective 10/12/14
State Dental Plan  Effective 10/12/14 dental implants will be a covered benefit under prosthodontics. 
HMO Access

Effective with the August 2014 Insurance Open Enrollment period, all employees eligible for health benefits may choose from any HMO offered by the State of Michigan within their zip code region.  All employee enrollment changes went into effect October 12, 2014.

Please review the Eligible Insurance Carriers by Zip Code Tool to find an HMO in your zip code region.
MSEA Represented Employees  Effective October 12, 2014, employees in the Labor & Trades and Safety & Regulatory bargaining units are eligible to add coverage for Other Eligible Adult Individuals (OEAI) and their dependents during open enrollment. 
For information about wage increases and to review current collective bargaining agreements visit the Office of the State Employer (OSE) website.  

Please note: The benefit changes listed on this page do not apply to MSP Troopers and Sergeants.