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If I am married to another eligible State employee, can I enroll as both an employee and a dependent under two of the same categories of coverage? For example, the State Health Plan PPO and the Catastrophic Plan?

No. Existing eligibility rules do not allow you to carry two enrollments in the same category of State group coverages. Each eligible person (employee, spouse, child, OEAI, or OEAI dependent) can enroll only once. Two premiums or rebates are not payable for the same person.

You and your spouse can enroll separately (both as employees), OR, as a family unit (with one of you enrolling as a dependent). If you enroll separately, either one of you can cover your children, but you may not enroll the same child(ren).

State-employed married or divorced employees may cover any eligible child(ren) in either parent's plan, as long as each child is only covered once. In the event employees cannot agree which parent will cover the child(ren), the parent who has covered the child(ren) first during their employment with the State of Michigan will cover the dependent child(ren).

Employees should be aware that one life insurance claim will be paid in the event of a dependent's death, even if both parents paid premiums for a child's life insurance policy.