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What is Other Eligible Adult Individual (OEAI) Coverage?

NEREs (non-exclusively represented employees) and the bargaining units AFSCME, MCO, MSEA, UAW, and SEIU Local 517M negotiated this benefit, which allows employees who do not have a spouse eligible to enroll in the State of Michigan health plans to enroll one OEAI if the individual meets all of the eligibility criteria. Dependent children of an OEAI may also enroll in health insurance only, under the same conditions that apply to dependent children of employees, if dependent eligibility criteria are met.  Please see OEAI Eligibility Criteria and Required Documentation for additional information.

Employees who wish to enroll an OEAI can do so online during the annual BOE period, either through HR Self-Service, or, by contacting the MI HR Service Center directly. Additionally, all required documentation must be received by the MI HR Service Center by November 12, 2021 to maintain enrollment.

In accordance with IRS regulations, State of Michigan employees are responsible for paying taxes associated with the fair-market value of enrolling an OEAI and the OEAI's dependents. Additional information on OEAI tax implications is available on the Employee Benefits Division website.