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Legal Spouses - Legally recognized under Michigan law

An employee's legal spouse may be covered as a dependent under the health care, dental care, vision care, and dependent life insurance options as long as he or she is not also separately enrolled (at the same time) as a State employee or retiree in the same category of insurance (for example, State Health Plan or HMO).

Ex-spouses are not eligible to be listed as dependents. Contact the MI HR Service Center immediately to cancel an ex-spouse's enrollment(s). You must provide, within 31 days of the divorce, a copy of your divorce decree to the MI HR Service Center.

Your ex-spouse will be provided with an application to continue State group health, dental and vision insurance in his or her own name for up to 36 months by making direct premium payments pursuant to federal COBRA regulations. Conversion health care and life insurance policies are also available directly from the insurance plan administrators. COBRA and conversion options are explained in each benefit booklet.