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Dependent Eligibility Guidelines

See Also: Required Documentation
See Also: Employee Eligibility Guidelines

Select a dependent type from the drop-down menus below to review specific eligibility requirements. Review the Required Documentation page to find the specific documentation you are required to submit to the MI HR Service Center to add a dependent to your benefits, or, maintain their eligibility.

Life Events

To add or change eligible dependents due to a life event (e.g.: marriage, birth, divorce), call the MI HR Service Center as soon as possible, no later than 31 days following the life event. Do not wait until you have the official documentation.

Eligibility Exclusions

If you and your spouse, retired or actively employed, are both covered by State Group Insurance Plans, you may maintain separate coverage through your individual plans, or, enroll in one plan, with one of you listed as a dependent. If you choose to maintain separate coverage, your child(ren) can only be listed as a dependent on one plan, not both. This applies even if you are divorced.

An employee’s spouse, OEAI, and dependents are not eligible for coverage if he or she is in the Armed Forces. Individuals who are called to active military duty are eligible for coverage under TRICARE, effective the date of active duty orders.

Eligibility Guidelines & Required Docs (PDF)