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Eligible dependents may be enrolled in your health, dental, vision, and dependent life insurance plans. (OEAI and their dependents can only be enrolled in health plans.) Dependent children are eligible until the day before their 19th birthday, and must be unmarried. In addition to being unmarried, your eligible child(ren) must be one of the following:

  • Child by birth, legal adoption, or legal guardianship. In the case of legal adoption, a child is eligible for coverage as of the date of placement. Placement occurs when you become legally obligated for the total or partial support of the child.
  • Step-child who lives with you at least 50% of the time and for whom your spouse must provide at least 50% of their support is eligible to receive health, dental, and vision coverage. All step-children are eligible for health coverage regardless of residence and support.
  • Foster child placed in your home by a state agency or the court.

Note: State-employed married or divorced employees carrying independent enrollments may cover their children in either parent's plan, as long as each child is only covered once.

In the event employees cannot agree which parent will cover the child(ren), the parent whose birthday falls closest to the first of the calendar year will cover the dependent child(ren)