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Ineligible Children

Children not meeting dependent eligibility requirements are not eligible.
Unless documentation is provided, claims payments for dental and vision insurance will end on: (1) the day before the dependent's 19th birthday (unless coverage is continued as outlined above), (2) the day before the dependent's 25th birthday (unless the dependent is incapacitated), (3) on the date your child marries, or (4) at the end of the pay period in which your dependent otherwise becomes ineligible (e.g. upon college graduation). Eligible children up to age 26 may be enrolled in your health insurance, regardless of marital or student status or dependency upon you for support.

Note: You must contact the MI HR Service Center immediately to cancel an ineligible child's enrollment(s). 

Your ineligible child will be provided an application to continue coverages in his or her own name for up to 36 months by making direct premium payments pursuant to federal COBRA regulations. A conversion health insurance policy is also available directly from the insurance plan administrator. COBRA and conversion options are explained in each benefit booklet.